High Speed Rail urgent parcel delivery Europe

High Speed Rail parcel delivery Europe: France, UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands

Faster and more competitive than an express road in Europe

We can book and deliver small urgent parcels, up to 20kg/box from Germany to France or to UK, same day, using the efficient express rail connections in Europe.

The transit times are usually faster than road and cheaper than a dedicated van used to cross long distances for only 1 urgent parcel. High speed rail parcel  delivery Europe is organized door to door and available from Uk, Germany, France, Belgium and Netherlands.

High speed rail: best delivery time for your urgent parcels in Europe


Delivery Road Vs Express rail ! Distance
Brussels – London 03 :40 01 :53 363km / 225mi
Paris – London 04 :30 02 :25 449km /278mi
Lyon – London 11 :00 05 :30 920km / 571mi
Frankfurt – Paris 05 :35 04 :30 572km / 355mi
Frankfurt – London 11 :00 08 :00 770km / 478mi
Munich – London 13 :30 08 :00 1135km /705mi


Prices start at 355 euros terminal-terminal.
Transit times subject to trains availability / space (confirmed when booking)
Standard dims per box : 30*40*50cm/box
Max dims: 1m length/box. Total l+w+h not exceeding 2 meters total. Bigger dimensions: on request only.
Weight/box: 30 kg in France and UK, 20kg in Germany
Booking: days 1,2,3,4,5 – 08am to 5pm.
Operations: Monday to Friday. Not operational during bank holidays or week-ends.

Subject to train/space available when booking.

Corporates contracts / Tenders:

If you have several shipments a week / important volumes for automotive/spare parts/ datacenters /pharmaceuticals we can build an offer for you.

Pharmaceutical, biomedical, Dry ice express shipments :

Pharmaceutical / Biomedical / laboratory samples: UN3373 , UN1845 DRY ICE authorized on most of the trains. Special containers available for some destinations. Consult us.

For quote/booking, please send details to contact

Notice: Available only to professionals. 

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