Air Charter – Emergency shipment 24/7

Air Charter for emergency shipment

Emergency spare parts, automotive logistics, or aerospace parts, urgent equipment, dangerous goods delivery … A turn key solution available 24/7 on request for emergency shipments:

  • High reactivity, immediate answer
  • 24hours available around the clock
  • Best delivery time: 6-8 hours in average to door
  • Great prices, all included
  • Automotive charters specialist

The air charter offers the best possible transit time in a radius from 600 to 2000km from the pick-up point to the consignee for your urgent transports.

Air charter = best transit time for your emergency shipments


Transit time example: air charter emergency shipment delivery of industrial urgent cargowith the air charter solution you can organize an emergency shipment from Slovakia to the UK or from the North of France to the south of Spain within 6 to 8 hours Door-Door ! The best guarantee to deliver your international emergency shipments, urgent spare parts, critical equipment on time anytime.

Our professional team works around the clock to offer you the very best of Air freight Industry Solutions”

This solution is fully monitored from the aircraft choice, the take-off and landing spots of the chartered plane, as well as the 24-hour dedicated pick-up and final delivery service.

Air charter: an emergency transport solution available door-door

The air charter lands on the closest airport available from the pick-up point as well as to the closest airport to the delivery location in order to get a smashing door-door transit time for your international emergency shipments.

> Available in all of Europe: UK, France, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania…. + Turkey, Morocco, and Tunisia covered.

>  24 hours a day.

> Payload: from 1 box to 40 euro pallets (aircrafts from 1.2T to 50T payload).


Cargo Air Charter up to 2T payload             

Aircraft    Max/Tons Vol/m3 Hold/cm Doors/ cm
Piper 0.6 3 270*103*106 65*105
Metro 2 1.2 12 835*110*105 135*130
Beech 99 1.2 12 580*122*120 135*122
Kingair 90 1.3 4 368*127*120 160*109
Cessna 1.4 7 340*120*120 122*115
Dornier 1.5 17 635*127*147 133*138
Metro 3 2 12 835*110*105 135*13


Cargo Air charter up to 6T payload

Aircraft    Max/Tons Vol/m3 Hold/cm Doors/ cm
Falcon20 2.5 11 610*153*40 188*137
Shorts SD 3.2 40 925*185*185 141*165
Saab 340 3.7 39 920*162*130 130*128


Cargo Air charter up to 10T payload

Aircraft    Max/Tons Vol/m3 Hold/cm Doors/ cm
Antonov 26 6.3 40 1110*220*160 230*171
BAE 146 10 85 1270*260*190 330*190
Antonov 12 18 85 1325*280*240 280*240


Cargo Air charter up to 51T payload

Aircraft    Max/Tons Vol/m3 Hold/cm Doors/ cm
An 22 51 650 2650*430*430 430*430

Notice : exact payload and dimensions of the air chartered plane may vary depending on the aircraft version as well as weather conditions, distances, captain’s decision.

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