Emergency air freight Romania to England: keeping costs down.

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Supply chain emergency in the automotive industry: keeping air freight costs down


priority air freight romania ukThe customer, a renowned tier one automotive supplier, contacted Air time critical at 21:30 to request an urgent delivery from Romania to the Birmingham area in England.

(Note: the dates and exact locations will not be divulged for confidentiality reasons.)




The spare parts are ready the next morning and delivery to England must take place as soon as possible.

The customer cannot use road transport as the distance is too great to meet his deadline. Furthermore, the client wants to avoid the use of an air charter which would entail an average spend of 15,000-20,000 euros depending on planes available.

Late evening situation:

The client thought about air freight but, this late in the day (22:30 in Romania), no local freight forwarder is able to offer a fast, straightforward solution.

Despite the late time, Air time critical’s support team manages to make contact with handling services in Bucharest airport to check availability of scheduled passenger flights to England the next day.

Air time critical manages to find a flight and to secure the space needed for the forty or so urgent spare parts parcels in the hold.

The solution allows for a delivery the next day in the evening. This time frame means the customer avoids the risk of production shutdown whilst controlling the costs of emergency logistics: actual saving compared with an air charter: 8,000 to 10,000 euros.

Emergency supply chain situation: master the costs

using the services of a freight forwarder that can offer a wide range of emergency solutions (air charters, priority air freight, on board courier) allows the client to choose a solution which is both fast and economical. Had the customer called on a provider only offering air charters, he would have missed out on a solution that is effective and can help achieve considerable savings (almost 10,000 euros).

To find out more about Air time critical©’s range of emergency logistics solutions:

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