India: On Board Courier delivery for urgent consignments

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March 23, 2015  |   Blog   |     |   0 Comment

On board courier India urgent deliveryVery urgent delivery to India? Check our OBC On Board Courier solutions to and from India

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On board courier OBC delivery TO India:


In time critical situations ATC- Air Time Critical‘s OBC- On board Courier solutions can take the gamble out of emergency shipments to India. If your goods can be broken down into luggage size boxes one of our experienced team can shepherd it to India in virtually no time with our On Board Courier service. Check-in, boarding, dis-embarkation, etc., are all reported in real time by the accompanying team member. You are never again left with a vague idea about how far along your urgent consignments are YOU KNOW WHEN IT HAPPENS AS IT HAPPENS.

Our experienced courier agents are equipped with all the proper visas so there is no delay in getting your emergency consignment airborne.

On Board Courier OBC delivery FROM India:


If your needs are getting your emergency parcel out of India we have unique and tailored On Board Courier solutions for you. When the need arises for an urgent shipment to exit India ASAP, instead of having someone head there and pick it up we send two couriers: one takes off from India bound for Dubai with the emergency parcel and the other (with a passport that allows more laced freedom of movement) takes the handoff there. From Dubai your urgent parcels are on a direct flight to their destination on the same day.

Contact us today and let us organize the stress free on board courier solution to get your most urgent shipments in and out of India.

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