Useful tools for the logistical manager: conversion of weights, volumes, time zones…

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April 11, 2014  |   Blog   |     |   Comments Off on Useful tools for the logistical manager: conversion of weights, volumes, time zones…

We have selected for you several tools which are useful in an international environment.
Conversion of currency, weights and measures, calculating chargeable weights, transit and flight times…

Chargeable weights, volumes and weights (flightradar)

Kilos into pounds, centimetres to feet, and volume to chargeable weight … a clear tool to bookmark among your favourites:

Conversion of foreign currency (

It’s not always easy to constantly switch from currency to currency! This tool, updated in real time, allows you to avoid errors. Moreover, the history option allows you to find a conversion rate for any given date.

What time is it in Dubai, Los Angeles, Guangdong province? (timeanddate)

Calculate a transit time (timeanddate):

The parcel leaves Malaysia at midday and is delivered the next day in Europe at 1 pm. How long was it in transit for, taking time zones into account?

Track your shipments by air freight company (utopiax)

If you have the LTA tracking number, you can now track your shipment by air freight company:

Follow a flight directly in real time (flightradar24) :!/AMC116

Get a reliable solution in case of an international emergency shipment:

Urgent international freight, air-taxi, accompanied baggage, weekend and night operations … :

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