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China & The Golden Week: Tips for your (urgent) shipments - Air Time Critical Delivery

China & The Golden Week: Tips for your (urgent) shipments

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September 23, 2013  |   Blog,Flash info   |     |   Comments Off on China & The Golden Week: Tips for your (urgent) shipments

CHINA – Logistic Tips: Golden week starting next week.

Book your critical shipments now !

With National Day 2013 in China approaching on October 1, all transportation services will begin to feel the strain this week.

It is always difficult to get free space on board of the flights in the week leading up to the bank holidays in China, and there is a serious freight backload in the 7 to 10 days following.

Therefore, if you have an air freight shipment o organize these days, you would better book it as soon as possible with your freight forwarder unless you are not in a hurry and can afford to wait.

But, if you are under deadlines and must get your time-sensitive shipment within3 to 5 days to your door, you should turn to a specialist offering unconventional air freight solutions, as the conventional express solutions will surely be delayed!

But the 1st step for you now, should be to contact your Chinese supplier to make sure you can get your freight (+ paperwork) ready before his plant close up for the period (up to 7 days holiday during the Golden Week).

Based in Hong-Kong, Really ? : if your supplier is located “in Hong Kong” make sure to get the exact address of the factory where to pick up the shipment. Usually, the supplier introduces himself as being based in HKG, however most of the time only the offices are in the city. The actual factory is based mainland outside Hong Kong area (Hong Kong is mostly an administrative and business center with offices). If your shipment has to be picked up from mainland China, you must take it into account as it might take an additional 1-2 days to get it to the airport.

Why not to use my Chinese Supplier’s Freight Forwarder for an Emergency Shipment ??

Using your Chinese supplier’s freight forwarder seems to be the most effective way of dealing with a shipment coming from China. After all, is the supplier not based locally  and able to get the most cost effective solution ?

Why to call an occidental company when you can deal directly with a Chinese one and cut the costs down!

Yes this is right and it is a can be a good deal to work like this for your regular shipments. However knowing the few facts below, you might reconsider it regarding your emergency shipments :

Most of the time the Chinese freight forwarder will give you a solution and price airport-airport and not to your door. This is because he doesn’t have reliable services outside China and cannot handle the formalities at arrival. To you, that means that you might get extra costs on the original price you’ve got from the Chinese forwarder as it will be up to you to pay and to organize the operations at arrival (handling, custom procedures, taxes and duties, final leg of the shipment). You might get extra delays as well as the Chinese supplier will give you an approximative transit time Airport to Airport (and not to your door). If you are expecting a regular shipment this might have no big consequences, but if you are on your nerves waiting for a time sensitive shipment the story will be all different.

And we haven’t mentioned the possible issue yet : Do you think your shipment will be a real priority for the Chinese freight forwarder located 8000km and 6 hours time difference from you ? Are you sure he will work always in your best interest ? If there is an issue, an important delay, will you be able to reach a senior manager there to solve the problem in the most efficient way or will it get stuck for several weeks ?

If you call an occidental freight forwarder, you will surely pay a few hundred extra euros on the bill, but at least you will get someone on the line if you need to ! You will get a confirmation of booking an a reliable tracking of your emergency shipments. You will as well get a proper quote including all the cost to your door and you might get few useful advices for free in the process.

So, in a nutshell, if your shipment is really important to you, it might be wise to think about paying a few hundred euros to get a reliable service and a company delivering to your door.

Moreover, and more important : You won’t have to reply to your colleagues during your Monday’s meeting that you do not have any idea about when your urgent shipment from China will be delivered as you cannot reach your freight forwarder…

An emergency shipment from China?

Feel free to contact our team, we will be happy if we can help you out with your emergency shipments from China. Our Asian operations run 24 hours around the clock for all type of urgent industrial shipments (automotive, electronic, industrial equipment and spare parts).

Useful links :

Chinese Golden week : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Week_%28China%29

Complete list of Holidays in China : http://www.timeanddate.com/holidays/china/

24/7 air freight solutions for emergency shipments:  http://airtimecritical.com/site/contact/

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