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Brexit and logistics: how to minimize the disruption

We’re less than 6 months away from the official Brexit date (29 March 2019), and yet nobody knows for sure what the outcome will be. Therefore most discussions revolve around endless arguments about what scenario might apply, anywhere from the softest to the hardest Brexit imaginable. Such discussions leave people and companies confused and powerless.…
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Can you deliver to England in 8 hours ? We can !

It is 11am and your English customer has just requested delivery of several pallets of parts for this evening. Without these, the whole nightshift will be disrupted due to shortage of material, which would mean a huge financial loss for a premium car manufacturer. But not if you use our air charter service! It has…
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Dedicated aircraft for urgent air freight transport

Trouble free customs clearance

Shipping to China and clearing customs without a hitch is a complex business. It causes endless frustration for many exporters and can result in goods being detained. It can also churn up some nasty hidden costs. How can logistics departments and supply chain managers get past Chinese customs clearance without running into problems? There are…
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Air Charter: 5 things you need to know

Air charter solutions are less common than other urgent shipping methods. Discover how to organize an air charter delivery without running into problems: 1. Getting the right aircraft to contain costs Air Time Critical always aims to give you value for money. In some cases, a pallet 10cm taller could mean an additional 10,000 euros…
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