International Air Freight

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International air freight: Europe, USA, China, Asia, India


The standard international air freight solution, is an alternative to the “Priority air freight solution” . Ideal if you have 7 to 10 days TT to deliver your cargo, this international air freight transport solution, will give you an effective an affordable shipping service for all your general cargo from Europe, USA, China, Asia, India

  • International air freight shipments are booked as general cargo on cargo and passenger aircrafts (PAX) = effective solution.
  • Exclusive net of 90 agencies in Europe, USA, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Bengladesh, India…
  • Direct contact with your dedicated air freight manager: NO CALL-CENTER
  • Tailor made solutions: Airport-Airport, Door-Door, custom clearance included, T1 delivery, temporary exportation, reepacking for dangerous goods, export/import licence? = we have the options, you decide what is the best for your air freight shipments.
  • Innovative on line tracking system:  available on computers, tablets & smart phones – Access easy to share with colleagues and partners

A vast international coverage for your international air freight shipments in Europe, USA, China, Asia, India


ATC offers a vast  operational coverage in Europe with 50 agencies in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Slovenia, Romania, Hungary … for all your international air freight shipments from or to the EU.

Worldwide, our air freight operations cover most of the big international industrial hubs:

  • –  Air freight from, to USA, Canada, Mexico
  • – Asia: China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand…
  • – India and Sri Lanka
  • – UAE Dubai

This exclusive net of agencies in Europe, USA, China, India …. offers you a reliable international air freight solution and a local know-how for your door to airport or your door to door shipments. All our agencies and partner agents hold a valid IATA accreditation.

International air freight solution: Watch our short Doodle video

An priority air freight shipment? : learn more about our Priority air freight options:

With our general cargo air freight solution, you benefit from a reliable & affordable international air freight shipping solution for your deliveries within 7 to 10 days TT. However, if you are looking for a more urgent solution to deliver your critical shipment in the best transit time possible, check for our priority air freight solution for urgent cargo