On Board Courier Service

On board courier service (OBC): for very urgent consignments and parcels delivery

hand carry on board courier urgent deliveryOn board courier: sometimes the fastest transport solution for an international shipment is actually to send a dedicated courier agent with the urgent consignment in his hands: this is what we call a hand carry delivery solution.

If you have an urgent consignment, some critical spare parts to deliver overseas, the hand carry might be the fastest and more direct and reliable solution possible.

This dedicated delivery solution offers a unique level of service, great delivery times and uncomparable tracking of the shipment from pickup to destination.

Do you have an emergency shipment to organize to Europe, USA, China, Asia, India ? Contact us and get an immediate answer: on line request

Hand carry delivery – Main benefits:

  • best delivery time: 12-24-36 hours maximum for international shipments
  • quick answer within 30 minutes for your urgent shipments: Quick quote
  • wide international coverage: Europe, USA, India, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan….
  • experienced and multilingual On Board Courier agents
  • full management of passports and visa requirements
  • express custom clearance every time possible
  • local know how at destination and possibility to organize a local delivery for a door to door solution
  • accurate tracking system

Hand carry: your urgent international shipment in safe hands

Air time critical offers you a professional on board courier solution and you benefit from our experience and know how: last minute booking, oversized consignments, express custom clearance, best flight connections, visa and passport requirements, experienced and multilingual on board courier, local pick up and express delivery to destination (with the door to door option).

Reactivity: immediate solution within 30 minutes

Do you have an immediate hand carry request for an international emergency shipment right now? Contact our international desk call-now and get your hand carry delivery solution within 30 minutes.

Hand carry: unbeatable delivery time

Actually, it is difficult to find a quickest way to deliver urgent parcels to destination:

Same day delivery to:
>Europe to Europe
>Europe to/from North Africa
>Europe to West Russia
>Europe to/from Middle East
>Mexico to USA

24 hours hand carry delivery to:
>Europe to/from Asia
>Europe to/from USA
>China to/from USA & Canada
>China to/from Mexico
>Asia to Asia

Within 36 hours hand carry delivery to:
>Europe to South Africa
>Europe to/from South America
>Europe to/from India

Remark: actual transit time is always subject to flight/space available when calling, nature, weight, dimensions of the goods, commercial value and customs procedures. Contact Air time critical for a complete solution & transit time.

Heavier urgent shipments ?

Hand carry / On board courier, are ideal for international time sensitive shipments packed as boxes / parcels, not exceeding 30kg/box and 100-150 kg total. Bigger/heavier emergency shipments ? Check our urgent air freight option and Air charter solution.

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