China: sweeping days holidays 01-04 April 2017 – Emergency freight contingency plan

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March 30, 2017  |   Blog,Flash info   |     |   0 Comment

Sweeping days festival China: emergency freight contingency plan

From the 01st to the 04th of April, China and Hong Kong celebrate Tomb Sweeping days.

If you face an emergency logistics situation during Sweeping days, you will be pleased to know that Air time critical has planned some contingency plan for hand carry solutions and priority air freight.

However, possibilities are quite limited due to partial or total closure of custom offices in China and Hong Kong (see scheduled below) and you have to count with some delay compared to usual transit times from Asia to Europe.

Would you have an emergency, contact Air time critical support to check actual solutions: on-line request

Sweeping days Festival – Customs scheduled

See below custom scheduled and possibilities for hand carry and emergency air freight for the next days coming:

Priority air freight solutions:

> Export clearance PVG Shanghai:
closed 03-04th April
limited opening time: 01-02nd April

> Export clearance PEK Beijing:
closed: do not close
limited opening time: 02-04th April
Hand carry solutions:

Chinese customs schedule:
limited service on the 01st and 05th of April
closed from 02nd to 04th of April

Cross border possibilities to HKG Hong Kong:

From Shenzhen airport / CAN Guangzhou airport – Guangdong province / Foshan, Dongguan: regular cross border service with bonded truck – prealert required 24hours in advance for any pick up.
Quarantines: quarantine services are closed during holidays, shipments requiring inspections won’t fly before the end of the official holidays.

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