Breaking news: channel disruption UK-France & emergency shipments contingency plan

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October 19, 2016  |   Flash info   |     |   0 Comment

channel disruption UK France emergency freight shipments deliveryChannel disruption UK Francechannel disruption uk france emergency shipment cargo transport


Chaos at St Pancras as Channel Tunnel services are suspended because of a massive power failure

The electrical supply problem in the train tunnel blocked traffic between the UK and destinations on the continent such as Paris, Brussels and Lille.

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Channel disruption & emergency freight: what contingency plan?


For the industrial companies and automotive plants based in the UK and on the continent such disruptions can have massive consequences such as production line stoppages, late delivery penalties sometimes as high as 1/2million GBP a day.

Fortunately solutions exist and if you cannot cross the channel, you might be able to fly over it!

In the event you have to organize an emergency shipment today between the UK and the continent or in the other direction, do not hesitate to contact Air time critical®  for an immediate charter or hand carry solution.

Our motto at Air time critical® is “we get you back on track ASAP” and it is what we do the best!

Want to know more about our turn-key, emergency freight solutions between continental Europe and the UK ?


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