West European transport

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July 04, 2012  |   Blog,Business case   |     |   Comments Off on West European transport

West European Examples:

[table style=”1″]

Solution From To Shipment Delivery
Air Charter France UK 1 Pallete – 475 kg 04:30h
Air Charter France UK 4 Pallets – 1120 kg 04:25h
Air Charter France Spain 4 Pallets – 1520 kg 04:40h
Same Day Europe France 59 Spain – Martos 4 Boxes – 40kg Same Day Delivery
Co-Shared Aircraft Germany UK 1 Pallet – 100kg 08:51h
Same Day Europe North Germany FR – Toulouse 3 Boxes – 25kg 07:25h
ADR Trailer (1) FR UK 3000kg 2 days


(1) Last Minute Friday ADR Truck from France to UK.

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